The life centricity playbook By Accenture


Consensus is often hard to reach among C-suite executives, but as we spoke with them for our latest research, there was unanimous agreement on one thing: it has never been more challenging to achieve meaningful growth. In fact, 95% of executives believe digital transformation efforts are helping them stay afloat but aren’t driving new growth.

From Accenture’s latest research, our modelling analysis predicts that companies who lead in life centricity will outpace the growth rate of their peers by nine percentage points annually. In fact, companies that lag furthest behind in life centricity are actually likely to shrink year-on-year. For a US$10B company, this could mean the difference between growing US$4B in new annual revenues over five years or shrinking by USS1B in the same period.

Our latest report, The life centricity playbook: proven strategies for growth through relevance,
offers five plays to put organisations on the path towards life centricity and unlocking last advantages and growth.


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