About MAT

Founded in 1966, Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT) is strongly determined to develop marketing professionals, ranging from businesspeople, marketeers, entrepreneurs, marketing academics and university students nationwide majoring in marketing to create the society of ‘avid marketeers’ with high degree of expertise and pride in the profession.

Today MAT has grown and is now ready in all aspects to develop, promote, and lift up the standard of Thai marketeers to the international standard through a number of channels including:

Increasing competitiveness, both locally and globally, of businesspeople, marketeers, sales strategists, and entrepreneurs in all industries
Collaborating with academic institutions and organizations in providing marketeers with opportunities for self-improvement and sharing opinions, as well as giving advice to those who wish to pursue a career in marketing
Coordinating with local and international organizations to organize marketing training courses
Being the pivot of members’ idea exchanges and the source of information about the global marketing trends

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