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MAT History [THAI] [ENG]

The Marketing Association of Thailand (MAT) was established in April 1966 by a group of marketing executives with the advice and assistance from officials of International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Productivity Centre of Thailand.

The Marketing Association of Thailand is a professional and non-profit organization which has its main objectives as follows :

1. Promote and develop professional marketing practices in Thailand.
2. Initiate and encourage training seminars and educational programmes to bring about a continuing improvement in the understanding and effective implementation of marketing concepts in business management.
3. Formulate a generally accepted set of marketing ethics to uphold the high professional standard and ensure that marketing in being used for the betterment of society, morality and virtues of life.
4. Provide venues and occasions for professional marketers to get together to exchange ideas, opinions and experiences.
5. Promote marketing as a worthy and honourable profession.
6. Cooperate with other organizations in promoting marketing development and training.

The Association has 3 categories of membership, i.e. :-
1. Ordinary and life-time individual membership.
2. Honorary membership.
3. Institutional membership.

The members vote in a President at an Annual General Meeting for a two-year term. The President will then form his own Executive Committee to help run the Association. A President can only be elected to his office for two consecutive terms. The President and his Committee are supported by staff headed by an Executive Director, who are all hired by the Association.

The Marketing Association of Thailand conducts, throughout the year, more than 50 seminars and training programmes both in Thai and English languages. It also provides in-house training services for interested companies. The Association occasionally invites international authorities to lead marketing management seminars in Thailand.

In addition, the Marketing Association of Thailand strongly supports activities of marketing clubs and association under its umbrella, i.e., J-MAT, Y-ME, SEC.

The Junior Marketing Association of Thailand (J-MAT) was established in 1984. This programme enrolls undergraduates in marketing from various universities throughout Thailand with the aim to equip the students with the necessary knowledge, experience and skills so that they can become good marketing professionals in the future. Activities include marketing debates, marketing quizes, and basic marketing training. The annual highlight is the Marketing Plan Competition in which thousands of students join in to present their marketing plans based on a given product / business set by the Association. The winning team will receive the prestigious trophy bestowed by Her Royal Highness The Crown Princess of Thailand. The Executive Board comprises representatives of individual universities who serve on the Board for one academic year.

The Young Marketing Executive Club (Y-ME) was formed as a sub-group of the Association in 1988. The aim is to promote fraternity among young marketing executives, and to develop a new breed of seasoned marketing executives to carry on the Association’s unending task of promoting a higher professional marketing standard in Thailand. The Club has its own Chairman and Committee responsible to conduct its own activities.

The Sales Executive Club (SEC) was founded in 1993 to promote and develop knowledge and skills for executives responsible for sales activities in any industry. The Club serves as a centre for exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience in sales management. It focuses on developing quality sales management personnel with high ethical standards and promotes the good image, faith and confidence in sales professionalism. The Executive Board works for a two-year term.

J-MAT, Y-ME and SEC are instrumental in developing marketing and sales professionals at all levels in support of MAT. Each club has working groups from institutions or agencies which meet on a regular basis to exchange views and conduct activities that benefit the marketing and sales industry.

The Association maintains a well stocked library for use by its members and publishes a quarterly “Marketing” magazine in Thai for free distribution to its members as a means to exchange ideas and to keep contact.

At the international level, the Marketing Association of Thailand is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Marketing Federation (APMF), which serves as a centre for cooperation among the marketing associations throughout the Asia Pacific region. Major activities of the Federation are the Certified Professional Marketing (CPM) programme and the annual Asia-Pacific Marketing Conference. The members of the Federation include Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysian, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of China, Singapore and Thailand. The Marketing Association of Thailand also works closely with other international institutions of learning in promoting marketing development and training throughout the region.

MAT has its office at 1168/21 Floor 14 Lumpini Tower, Rama IV, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand Tel. 6602 679-7360 to 3 Fax. 6602 285-5988